Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Home Exterior in Anchorage, AK

To ensure that your exterior painting project goes as planned, you should query and look out for some of the most common mistakes that you must avoid in doing this project.

It is important that you do some research first and look for tips and tricks to keep in mind before doing a painting project, especially as an amateur.

So if you are currently planning your exterior painting project and have been looking for the common mistakes that you should be avoiding in order to have a successful project, here’s something for you.

Here are some Mistakes To Avoid In Painting Your Home Exterior.

1. Forgetting To Check The Weather Conditions

In doing an exterior painting project, one of the most crucial mistakes that you should not be committing would be to forget to check the weather conditions ahead of time.

Since you are painting your exterior which is essentially outside of your home, the weather will be a huge factor in your project.

It should go without saying that you will not be able to paint in rainy weather; aside from the very obvious fact that any coat of paint that you might apply on your exterior will just be washed away by the rain, it’ll also be very slippery to do so – which is a safety risk.

Additionally, you shouldn’t be painting out in very hot weather, especially under direct sunlight, since the extreme temperatures might mess up your coat of paint, resulting in a paint problem that will just be a hassle to fix.

Ideally, you would want to paint your exterior on a clear, dry day, for better results and for higher chances of a successful painting project.

2. Not Doing Surface Preparation

Another thing that you should not be committing in your exterior painting project would be to not do proper surface preparation prior to painting.

In any painting project, surface preparation is always important – and for good reasons.

First off, proper surface preparation includes inspecting your surface for any signs of damage and repairing them accordingly, if there are any.

This is helpful because you will want to fix or patch up any damages on your surface first, prior to adding a coat of paint on it, because no amount of paint will ever be enough to cover them entirely.

This is also to ensure a smooth and even paint finish.

Another part of surface preparation is cleaning the surface that you’re going to be painting – and in your exterior painting project, this is very important.

Your exterior surface will have accumulated some layer of dirt, mud, and many other things that you will want to remove first prior to applying that first layer of paint, to ensure a better paint finish and an essentially successful painting project.

3. Not Estimating How Much Area You’re Working With

Because you will be painting your exterior, a mistake that they should not commit would be to not estimate how much space you’re working ahead of time.

You will need to have an idea of just how much space you’re going to be working with prior to your exterior painting project proper so you can assess whether this is something that you can successfully do all by yourself, or whether you will need to employ additional help.

This is also to ensure that your painting project goes as planned and on schedule.

4. Not Doing Enough Preparation

In any painting project, preparation is always going to be essential – and in your exterior painting project, this rule will not be an exception.

You should always prepare ahead of time for your exterior painting project to ensure that your project goes smoothly and seamlessly as possible.

This preparation includes estimating how much paint you’ll need, gathering all the paint materials you’ll use to complete the project, and preparing the area you’re going to be painting.

This will be helpful to ensure that you won’t be getting any unnecessary delays in your project, and you can wrap it up as soon as possible.

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