Residential Exterior Painting Services Anchorage 

When deciding to hire an exterior house painting contractor, there are a lot of things you have to consider. Finding a contractor who understands the time restraints of the job, can work around your schedule and prioritizes the safety of you and your home can be difficult, but Campbell Painting is here for you. We understand how stressful and important painting a home can be, which is why our crews are trained to accommodate your needs while staying on time and within budget.


Residential Exterior


If there’s a outside wall that needs painting, Campbell Painting has you covered. Our exterior painters use high-quality paints that will hold their color through the weather of harsh Alaskan winters, and the 24-hour sun in the summers. Let your friends and family see your business for its quality.


Your fence is one of the first things people notice about your property, so let us make it look beautiful! We can pressure was, paint or stain your fence to have it looking brand new in no time.


Waterproofing your exterior paint is crucial, especially here in Alaska. Our painters have decades of experience waterproofing paints properly, so they can withstand anything.

Pressure Washing

We pressure wash every surface before repainting, but we also offer this as a stand-alone service. If your house or fences are looking dingy, this could be the perfect solution for you.


Maintaining the integrity of your home during a remodel is crucial. Damage to your home can occur in any number of ways; it takes years of experience to learn proper preparation and application techniques that ensure your walls and floors are protected. Thankfully, Campbell Painting has nearly two decades of experience in doing just that. 

Safety and Health Comes First

Exterior painting may seem like easy work, but it can be extremely dangerous for untrained painters. You have to balance on high ladders, risk exposure to dangerous fumes and deadly dust inhalation. Painting contractors are qualified to handle these situations, the average homeowner is not. Attempting to paint your home without proper training exposes you to many unnecessary risks. Especially if you live in a home built before 1978.

Houses built before 1978 were commonly painted with lead-based paint. This type of paint can be very harmful when being scraped and sanded, posing a serious health risk to the painter. Licensed, professional painting services train crews how to avoid these dangers, protecting you, your family and the painters from any health risks.