7 Tips For Painting Your Home’s Exterior in Anchorage, AK

Although your home’s exterior is just as important as the interior, the way you paint it is never the same.

We’re talking about the exterior of your home, there are a lot of things that you need to think of before you start with your painting project.

You should consider the type of primer and paint that you will use, the weather condition, and the damages from the surface of your home’s exterior.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips for painting your home’s exterior in Anchorage, AK.

1. Repair The Damages

Before you start with your home exterior painting project, walk around your house and look for any damages that need to be fixed.

To fill in the gaps of any cracks or holes that you see, use an epoxy filler and apply with the use of a spackle knife.

You should wait for it to dry completely, and once it’s dry, sand it until smooth with the use of a medium-grit sanding block before you begin painting.

2. Use Power Washer To Clean

The dirt and dust buildup on your home exterior’s surface is quite inevitable, especially if it hasn’t been cleaned in many years.

Using a power washer to get rid of all this accumulated dirt and dust after so many years is the best option for you.

It’s also one of the best ways to prepare your home exterior’s surface for your painting project.

However, if you don’t know how to control a power washer properly, you might end up ruining the look of your home’s exterior.

So read the manual or have someone to teach you how to use a power washer properly and effectively.

Also, don’t forget to let the surface dry completely before you start painting it.

3. Apply Primer Before Painting

Always apply a quality sealer as your primer before you proceed to paint your home’s exterior.

A quality sealer has a high resin content that makes your home exterior’s surface smoother, which allows your new paint to stick well.

Keep in mind that your new paint won’t adhere to a chalky surface, and for this reason, you’ll be using a chalky wall sealer as your primer before you paint chalky walls.

Let your quality sealer or primer dry totally before applying your new paint.

4. Choose High-Quality Paint

For your home exterior painting job, use 100 percent acrylic latex paint.

This paint is of high quality, which consists of 3 main components — the pigments, binders, and solvents.

Pigments provide color, binders hold them to the wall, and solvents make your paint spreadable.

High-quality paints have better binders, so they are more durable compared to low-quality paints.

5. Choose Your Paint Color Carefully

Choosing your paint color from these countless options is definitely not an easy job.

One thing that you must know about vivid colors is that they tend to fade more quickly than muted colors.

You can get paint color ideas and inspirations from the internet, and also, from the houses of your neighbor.

6. Cover Your Doors, Windows, And Light Fixtures With Plastic

Avoid getting your doors, windows, and light fixtures from getting caught up in your messy painting job by covering them with plastic and tape.

Once you’re done, you can now start painting freely and with no hesitation.

7. Spray And Roll Technique

One of the best techniques to paint your home exterior’s surface is to spray and roll.

However, this technique needs two people working systematically; one is for spraying and spreading the paint, while another one is for running a roller over it.

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