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Whether you’re painting your personal dining room or an office space, you want to hire someone who cares. At Campbell Painting, we’ve made it our family legacy to help Alaskans realize their color dreams. No matter the project, we will be there with you every step of the way from picking out the color, to celebrating with you when it’s finished. Email us for a free quote today!

Specialized Painters for Every Job

Campbell Painting’s lead painters each bring over 25 years of experience and are trained to expertly complete nearly any job.

Choose From virtually unlimited Colors

We proudly offer a full selection of Benjamin Moore paints, a brand trusted by the Campbell family for generations. 

Free Quote & Consultations

Once you email us, our team will respond with an estimate in under 24 hours!

Interior Services


When painting indoors, you have to do painstaking preparation to ensure that your new color looks fantastic. At Campbell Painting, our crews have it down to a science. With decades of experience at work, you can feel confident knowing we’ve seen it all, and can get the job done right. 

Doors & Baseboards

Doors and baseboards are easily scuffed and scratched, but aren’t always so easily repaired. Luckily, Campbell Painting has all the tools needed to restore your doors and baseboards to their former glory.


As the focal point of any room they’re in, your cabinets should look as beautiful as the rest of your space. Campbell Painting can clean, degloss, sand, prime and repaint your cabinets any color you’d like. 

Outdoor Services


If there’s a wall that needs painting, Campbell Painting has you covered. Our exterior painters use high-quality paints that will hold their color through the weather of harsh Alaskan winters, and the 24-hour sun in the summers.


Your fence is one of the first things people notice about your property, so let us make it look beautiful! We can pressure was, paint or stain your fence to have it looking brand new in no time.


Waterproofing your exterior paint is crucial, especially here in Alaska. Our painters have decades of experience waterproofing paints properly, so they can withstand anything.

pressure Washing

We pressure wash every surface before repainting, but we also offer this as a stand-alone service. If your home, business or fences are looking dingy, this could be the perfect solution for you.

Design & Consultation

Color Samples

You have your choice of hundreds of Benjamin Moore’s high-quality paint colors. If you have trouble deciding, one of our experienced painters can work with you to find a color you’ll love. 

Material Samples

To ensure you’re getting the exact product you need, feel free to request a sample!

Onsite Consultation

If you’d rather have us evaluate your project in person, we can do that! Call, or send us an email to request a free, in-person consultation today.



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