Steps in Creating the Perfect Accent Walls in Anchorage, AK

An accent wall is easily one of the most fun and transformative way to elevate a room’s aesthetics – its quirky and captivating design could easily draw your eye and make the dullest room look interesting at best.

But, creating an accent wall is not as easy as it seems – without the proper guidance, it could easily turn into a painting disaster.

However, hard does not mean impossible.

So, if you’re here because you want to know how to make hard look easy and create yourself the perfect accent wall, well, you’ve gone to the right place.

To help you in your creative project of creating an accent wall, here are the Steps in Creating the Perfect Accent Walls in Anchorage, AK.

1. Know Where To Paint It

One of the most essential elements in making a perfect accent wall would be to put it in an area that will bring out its best state.

So, in creating your perfect accent wall, it is ideal that you place it strategically in an area where it can look its best, where it can easily draw your attention, and where you can see it in its full glory.

It would be ideal to paint it on a wall that will be the first thing you’ll see in a room, and one that is unobstructed by any wall fixtures or furniture, so you can really see it fully.

2. Pick An Appropriate Design

After determining the perfect spot to paint your accent wall, you should now think about the design you’d want for your accent wall.

Ideally, it would be better for you to take the present colors in the area you’re painting your accent wall on into consideration, and find an appropriate design or theme that would compliment it to create an overall cohesive design.

An accent wall could easily look random or out of place when not done properly, so to prevent this, you should pick an appropriate design for an overall cohesive appeal.

3. Prep The Room

After a creative brainstorming of your accent wall design, it’s now time to prep the room you’re planning to paint your accent wall in.

You will want to clear out the room, remove any furniture and furnishings that could disturb you from seamlessly painting your accent wall, and clean the wall you’ll paint your accent wall on.

Additionally, you should put dropcloths on the floor near where you’re painting to avoid any spills and drips from staining your floor.

4. Prime The Surface First

After finishing the proper room preparation for painting, it is now time to prime the surface you’re painting your accent wall on.

Priming the surface you’re painting on first is important because primer helps create a surface that is ideal for painting – it makes your surface a clean slate where paint can appear brighter and more vibrant and will adhere better on.

Additionally, most paint problems stem from skipping primer, so if you do not want your accent wall to manifest some paint problems anytime soon, you better do the right thing and apply a coat of primer first.

5. Use Painter’s Tape

After applying primer to your surface, it is time to use painter’s tape on your wall.

Painter’s tape is necessary because this prevents any unnecessary paint marks and smudges on areas you do not want to paint on.

Additionally, painter’s tape is an even more essential item to have when you’re painting an accent wall since you’re dealing with multiple colors, and painter’s tape will be a great help in making sure all the colors are in the spaces they’re supposed to be.

6. Paint Your Accent Wall

Lastly, when you’ve got all the essentials and important pre-painting steps done, it is now time to paint your accent wall!

Just be sure to be precise and light with your strokes, and don’t get too easily caught up in brushing because overbrushing is a whole another paint problem in itself.

Additionally, do not forget to have fun – an accent wall is a fun addition to a room, so you should have fun making it too!


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