Your fences are an essential part of your exterior – for starters, they are one of the first things that people will see when they get to your home, so it is important that you maintain their overall appeal.

One of the best things you could do to achieve this would be to treat them to a fresh coat of paint – a fence repainting project.

So, if you’re here because you’re planning to do precisely the same and want to know some tips and tricks to keep in mind to guide you as you do your fence repainting project, here’s something for you.

Here are Fence Repainting Tips To Keep In Mind.

1. Make Sure To Check Weather Conditions Prior To Painting

One of the first things you do in repainting your fence would be to check weather conditions before actually doing your painting project.

Because your fence is essentially on the outside of your home, weather plays a critical part in your painting project – ideally, you would want to paint on a clear, humid, dry week.

Additionally, it will be so much better for you to do your fence repainting project on a clear, dry day because this will make your fence dry faster – so you won’t have to wait extra long to get your fences up and running again!

2. Get The Right Kind of Paint

In repainting your fences, you should remember to acquire the right kind of paint for them.

There are lots of paint varieties available out there specially formulated for different kinds of surfaces – there is paint specially formulated for wooden surfaces, metal surfaces, concrete surfaces, and many others, so you should make sure to acquire the right kind of paint for the fences you have at home.

If you’re still not sure of which kind of paint to get, you can always strike up a friendly conversation with your local paint expert about your best paint choices.

3. Don’t Forget Primer

Of course, just like in any painting project, you should not forget to apply a coat of primer before you put your fresh coat of paint.

Primer is important because it prepares your surface for painting – with primer, you will get a smoother finish and better coverage than if you paint your surface directly with paint.

Additionally, having that extra layer of primer on your surface will make your coat of paint stick better and eventually, last longer – which is essentially what you want out of a fence repainting project.

4. Cover Any Nearby Ground Or Exterior Fixtures

In repainting your fences, you should cover any nearby ground or exterior fixtures with a drop cloth or some kind of cloth to prevent paint spills and splatters all over them.

Since paint spills will be inevitable in any painting project, covering the ground or any exterior fixtures near your fences will be a great way of lessening this kind of mess as you paint your fences.

Also, if you have plants near your fences, it would be much better if you get them temporarily removed for your painting project, or have them trimmed or cut down so you won’t have any disturbances while repainting your fences.

5. Do Proper Surface Preparation

Lastly, in repainting your fences, you would want to ensure that you do proper surface preparation before you actually paint your fences.

Your fences will inevitably be dirty, due to being located on the outside of your home, so it will be necessary to clean them first because you do not want to be painting on a dirty surface.

You can opt to simply scrub them or get them washed with a power washer – this choice depends on the overall condition of your fences!


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