Exterior Painting Tips For Lesser Mess in Anchorage, AK

Mess in any painting project can be rather inevitable – this is just the natural tendency of working with paint.

However, this is not to say that mess is completely unavoidable – with the right tips and tricks at hand, one can do a painting project with little to no mess at all!

So, if you are currently planning an exterior painting project and would like to know how to reduce the mess in your painting project, here’s something you might want to read.

Here are Exterior Painting Tips For Lesser Mess.

1. Check The Weather Conditions

Since you are going to be painting your home exterior, the weather will be a huge factor in your painting project – which is why, to avoid any kind of mess brought about by bad weather, you’ll want to check the weather conditions ahead of your project.

You’ll want to paint your home exterior in ideal weather – which would be a clear, dry weather.

For reasons that are very obvious, it doesn’t need any further elaboration, it would be impossible to paint your home exterior when it is raining outside – and it’ll just wash away any coat of paint you may apply on your exterior, essentially creating the mess you’re trying to avoid.

Contrary to what you may think, it is also not recommended to paint your exterior when it is particularly hot outside, especially under the direct heat of the sun, as the high temperatures might mess up your fresh coat of paint – which, again, results to the kind of mess that you’re trying to avoid in the first place.

2. Don’t Forget Surface Preparation

Since you’ll be painting your exterior, which is an area in your home that is rather constantly exposed to tons of external factors that might dirty or damage it over time, you will want to do surface preparation before your painting project.

The proper surface preparation process includes inspecting your surface for any kind of damage, doing the necessary repairs and patching up these damages if you have found any, and making sure that your exterior is clean.

Proper surface preparation is essential in ensuring lesser mess for your painting project since a properly prepared surface will usually result in a smooth and clean paint finish, which is essentially what you want out of your painting project.

On the contrary, forgetting or intentionally skipping surface preparation will usually result to abysmal, and overall messy results – one you’ll inevitably have to redo and repaint.

So, to avoid going through this hassle, don’t forget surface preparation!

3. Clear Your Exterior Area

To free up as much space possible for you to freely move into and to remove as much obstructions as possible, you will want to clear your exterior area in preparation for your painting project.

There tends to be a lot of movement and activity involved in a painting project, so clearing your exterior area will not only help you in ensuring that your painting process is smooth and seamless, but could also help to significantly avoid a mess in your painting project.

Just imagine the mess that could result from painting in a cramped space, or tripping over some kind of clutter or obstruction as you are carrying cans of paint – even just the idea of it feels like such a mess!

4. Lay Dropcloths

Because paint drips and spills will be a natural part of any painting project and thus, is inevitable, you’ll want to lay dropcloths on necessary areas when you are painting your exterior.

These paint drips and spills create the exact kind of mess that you are trying to avoid, so you must not forget to lay dropcloths on areas such as your floors/the ground or on exterior fixtures that may be near where you’re painting.

As an additional tip, it would be recommended for you to get a canvas-type drop cloth, as this is the kind that doesn’t let paint seep through it – ensuring that your fixtures or floors/ground will be spotless all throughout!


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