Finding a quality painter near you is difficult; Campbell Painting makes it easier. The Campbell family has been helping paint Alaska’s buildings since 1955. Ben Campbell, owner of Campbell Painting, has been working in the industry since he was a kid, stacking shelves in his Grandfather’s shop. His love for the paint industry is mirrored by every one of his employees. They’re dedicated to their craft and dedicated to giving you the best quality work possible. 

Need a quality painter near you?

Whether you’re painting your living room or the exterior of your business you want someone as invested as you are. Campbell Painting has over 250 satisfied customers who swear by the expert work done by our painters. Our lead painters have over 25 years of experience, making them qualified for nearly any project. We will do the job better, faster and with more care than any other professional service in Alaska. 

If you won’t take our word for it, visit our website. Our portfolio tab has photos along with a short description of each completed job, showcasing the expert work of our painters. We also have a section for video testimonials. Here, former customers who booked us for interior and or exterior jobs recorded themselves talking about their experience with Campbell Painting. These customers range from people who needed a single front door painted to entire buildings; so regardless of the job you need doing, their testimonials prove we’re up to the task.

Quality Materials

At Campbell painting, we proudly use Benjamin Moore paint. The Campbell family has trusted this brand since they opened their first shop. Benjamin Moore paints have proven to withstand the harsh Alaskan elements, as well as the test of time. Regardless of if your job is interior or exterior, our materials will handle whatever you can throw at them.

Between our expert painters and top of the line materials, Campbell Painting is guaranteed to meet your expectations of quality. We want to do more than that. It isn’t enough to just give you a quality product. At Campbell, we understand how invasive painting projects can be and aim to disrupt your life as little as possible. That’s why our crews are willing to work days, nights, weekends: whatever schedule works best for you. We also promise that, regardless of what hours we’re working, we’ll get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

However, our promise to make things easier on you doesn’t start when the painting does. We aim to make things as convenient as possible from the very beginning. That is why we can give you a quote over the phone, through email or in person. All you have to do is contact us with a short description and someone will get back to you with your free quote in 24 hours or less! 


Your convenience is very important to all of us here at Campbell Painting, but so is your safety. Keeping our clients and crews safe now extends beyond the scope of how we perform a job. Due to Covid-19, Campbell Painting is now taking every available precaution to ensure that we are not bringing any additional risk into your home or workplace.

Our employees always wear masks covering their mouth and nose and frequently sanitize their hands while working. Additionally, we are following the CDC guidelines for quarantine and taking daily temperatures of our employees. 

Campbell Painting has also implemented a new two-person crew limit to decrease exposure. For jobs that would normally call for larger crews, this will cause some delays. We apologize for any inconvenience this could cause, but Campbell has always sworn that we would never compromise safety or quality to complete a job quicker. That’s a promise we stand by. 

If you’re interested in chatting a bit more or are looking for a quote feel free to reach out!