7 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn in Anchorage, AK

Our kitchens are an essential part of our homes; this is where we prepare and cook the food we consume every day.

You would be more motivated to cook healthy foods in a clean and pleasing kitchen, so we must continue to invest in upgrading our kitchens.

One thing you could do in upgrading your kitchen would be to paint your kitchen cabinets, but doing it as an amateur without prior knowledge and guidance could cause more chaos than order.

So, without further ado, here are 7 Kitchen Cabinet Painting Tricks To Learn in Anchorage, AK.

1. Choose a Suitable Paint 

In painting your kitchen cabinets, you want to make sure that the paint you’re using is suitable for the surface of your cabinet.

You want to choose a paint that will last everyday use and constant wiping and cleaning, especially since kitchen cabinets are often subjected to various types of dirt.

For this instance, choosing an alkyd enamel paint will be the perfect formula for your kitchen cabinets, as it will definitely stand various wear and tear for a long time.

This might be pricey, but you’re also investing to save in the long run, as you most definitely will not be re-doing your kitchen cabinet for a long time.

2. Make Sure That The Color Matches With Your Kitchen

One important thing to consider in doing a paint project of your kitchen cabinets would be to make sure that your chosen color perfectly matches your whole kitchen.

Additionally, you don’t want your kitchen cabinets to stand out too much, so you better look up color palettes that will complement the existing color of your kitchen walls.

Also, taking enough time to mull over such a simple decision will be very beneficial for you, as you most definitely don’t want to be doubtful of the result.

Which will most probably lead to you re-doing it all over again, doubling your effort and expense.

3. Clean The Kitchen Cabinet First

Of course, before painting your kitchen cabinets, you’d want to clean your kitchen cabinets first!

Sanding your kitchen cabinet surface, wiping it clean of muck and grease, and making sure that it is ready for a rigorous painting job are critical to a satisfactory kitchen cabinet painting project.

You definitely don’t want to skip this important process.

4. Use an Oil-Based Primer

If you have kitchen cabinets made of wood, you might want to consider painting them with an oil-based primer.

This is because using water-based primer on wood is more likely to discolor in time, as wood tends to “bleed through” and give that unnecessary yellow tinge you won’t like.

Additionally, an oil-based primer will give you a good first coat that will really adhere to the surface, giving you a bright paint color.

5. Paint Lightly

Like the general rule of painting, you should avoid getting carried away in painting and ending up with a heavy coat.

For instance, you might get messy with visible drip marks, which will only cost you the added effort of sanding them and repainting them all over again.

Also, in maintaining a thinner layer of paint, you can easily make sure that the surfaces are painted evenly, which will harbor better results.

6. Invest in Quality Paint Materials

In doing a painting job, one thing that might cross your mind would be to go cheap – getting the same things for the lower cost.

However, this might not get you an attractive and favorable result in the end.

Additionally, getting cheap materials will only result in a low-quality project that will show signs of wear soon enough to re-do them, costing you more than you could have saved.

7. Have a Backup Kitchen Plan

In doing a kitchen cabinet project, naturally, your kitchen won’t be available to use for a long time.

To aid this, you must have a backup kitchen plan where you can temporarily prepare and cook your food.

You’ll also need a temporary shelf to put your canned goods and various kitchen materials in the meantime, so you’ll also need to plan ahead for that.


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