6 Handy Tips To Keep in Mind When Painting Your Living Room in Anchorage, AK

It is indeed such an exciting feeling to have a brand new living room – all the things you could do to it, the creative directions you can go with, all the possibilities just unfolding in front of you.

One element that contributes greatly to the overall aesthetic appeal of your living room would be its paint color – it dictates the kind of vibe you’ll foster in your living room and what kind of theme you can apply to it.

Painting your living room is indeed an exciting venture to undergo, but it could easily turn into a disaster once you’ve come unprepared and clueless.

So, if you’re currently in front of your laptop scrolling through search engines finding the best tips to keep in mind when painting your living room and you’ve stumbled upon this, well, you’re in the right place.

To kickstart your painting project, here are 6 Handy Tips To Keep in Mind When Painting Your Living Room in Anchorage, AK.

1. Choose A Color Carefully

When you’re painting your living room, the first thing to keep in mind is to choose a paint color carefully.

You’d want to make sure that whatever color you end up with, it would be a color you actually want to see in your living room.

Different colors give off different vibes, so think carefully first about what vibe you’d like to set in your living room so you can choose an appropriate color to establish that accordingly.

It would also help to check color palettes online to see which colors blend, so you know which color combinations work.

2. Check Paint Samples Under The Right Light

Many people commit the mistake of checking paint samples under the wrong light, which usually ends with unsatisfactory results.

Lighting plays a huge role in making colors appear – the same paint color may appear shades lighter or darker, depending on what lighting it is put under.

So, in this situation, the wrong type of lighting would be anything that is not your living room lighting.

Do the smart thing and check paint samples in your living room, so you’d know which colors will look good under its lighting.

3. Clean The Surface First

It would be recommended to clean the surface you’re painting on first before applying any coat of paint to it.

This is to ensure that the paint will adhere to it better and that you’re painting on grease and grime-free surface, which will cause problems when you’re painting over them.

Unclean and dirty surfaces cause the most paint problems that need a repaint, so keep this in mind when painting your living room.

4. Apply A Coat Of Primer

A golden rule in painting you should keep in mind when you’re painting your living room would be to always, ALWAYS apply a coat of primer first before putting any paint.

Primer gives you an overall better coverage of the surface you’re painting on, makes sure that your paint will adhere securely, and ensures that your paint will look vibrant and bright.

Additionally, primer also ensures the longevity and durability of your paint, so it is imperative never to skip the primer.

5. Use Painter’s Tape and Dropcloths

To ensure that everything is in the right places, you should employ painter’s tape when painting your living room.

Painter’s tape ensures that all your paint is in a streamlined, straight line, and prevents any unnecessary paint smudges and marks.

Additionally, to protect your floor from the inevitable paint drips and spills, you should cover it with drop cloths (or gather your old rags and clothes and use them instead – it will save you lots and does the same job!)

6. Start Painting From The Top

Lastly, a great tip to keep in mind when painting your living room would be to start painting from the top.

This is to ensure that you can avoid having paint drips running all over your newly painted surfaces, which will inevitably happen when you’re painting from the bottom first.

It would be easier to cover up paint drips running down when you’re painting from the top, since you’ll essentially also cover it afterward, than the other way around.


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