In painting a room, dark colors are usually not the first choice of color – people tend to think that dark colors are too unconventional, and would rather stick with the norm.

Light colors are usually the first choice people go with when they think about painting their interior.

However, being unconventional doesn’t equal being bad.

If you’re one of those people who want to break the norms and paint their interior a dark color but are still undecided whether to go with it, well, here’s something to help you with your decision.

Without further ado, here’s Painting Your Interior with a Darker Color: The Pros and Cons in Anchorage, AK.


Puts a Bold Statement

People are normally accustomed to seeing spacious, airy, and light-colored rooms, so to go into a room and be greeted by a luscious and velvety dark shade of paint will be a nice surprise for the eyes, and instantly would set that strong and bold impression.

Additionally, having a dark-colored interior will instantly be distinctive and set your home appeal apart from others, and although it may be a hit-or-miss for different folks, they would definitely not be able to take their mind off of your unique, dark interior for a while.

Makes Your Interior Stand Out

While a white backdrop is great as a background for art and different furnishings, nothing beats a black background for making art and furnishings stand out.

The dark tone of the color is effective at making art and furniture stand out since it accentuates all of its nuances and patterns and quickly catches your attention.

If you have a lot of art and furniture with many exquisite features and decorations, a dark-colored room will let them shine out in their own right.

Additionally, the camera loves a dark interior – so if you’re the type who likes to capture different moments of your life, painting your interior with a dark background will definitely get you that Instagram-worthy post!

Low Maintenance

In painting your interior with a darker color, you lessen, if not eliminate, the risks for pesky scuff marks and any other vandalism that might occur on your walls.

While white walls are indeed clean to the eyes, they are also very prone to dirt and other marks – even the littlest of marks could easily be spotted and catch your attention since it is of a lighter color.

By having a dark interior in your home, any marks that you would usually freak out over when you have a white wall will not be a huge problem – and this is perfect for those who do not want to do the tedious job of removing stubborn marks off of your walls!


Reflects Lesser Light

A dark-colored room will significantly reduce the light your room will get.

Since lighter colors tend to reflect light better, you will definitely notice a slight reduction in light in a dark-colored interior, and this will especially be noticeable at night when you will find the need to turn on twice as much lighting as you usually do in a light-colored room.

If you want to use the room to relax and sleep in complete darkness, a dark-colored room is a good choice.

But if you want to study and do other creative things, it might not be the best choice.

Hard To Paint Over

A dark-colored room will be difficult to paint over if you happen to have gone tired with it and wish to paint it with another color.

A dark-colored paint will be harder to conceal since it is of a stronger tint, and it will be more prone to paint bleeding – which is another paint problem that will take time to fix.

While it is not impossible, it will undoubtedly be a difficult painting procedure, so if you do not intend to keep the dark color for the long term, you should consider choosing lighter options instead.

Makes a Space Feel Smaller

Unfortunately, painting a room in a dark color will absorb much of the space and make it seem smaller than it is.

While it is possible to use dark colors to enlarge a room’s space, this is only doable when done tastefully and correctly, and there are higher chances that the dark color will confine your room instead of doing the latter.

If you want to make the most of a tiny area, a dark color may not be the greatest choice.


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