Painting Tips to Keep in Mind When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Anchorage, AK

Being parents, it’s natural for us to want the best for our kids – and one of the best things you can ever give your kid would be a bedroom that would make them feel comfortable.

Painting your kid’s bedroom may seem to be an easy task, but going into it without researching first may lead you to failure.

So, if you’re currently looking for painting tips to keep in mind when you’re painting your kid’s bedroom, here’s something you might like.

Here are Painting Tips to Keep in Mind When Painting Your Kid’s Bedroom in Anchorage, AK.

1. Clean The Surface First

One thing to keep in mind while painting your children’s bedroom is the need for cleaning before painting.

Whether you’re painting a room for the first time (as in, you’ve just moved into a freshly built house) or a spare room in your house, make sure the surface you’re planning to paint, and the space around it are well cleaned.

You can probably guess why you should clean near where you’re going to paint (you don’t want to paint a dirty wall), but you should also clean near where you’re going to paint to avoid getting dust or dirt in the paint when you’re painting.

2. Make Sure To Get No-VOC Paint

Of course, there are other types of paint available, and although you may be aware of how low VOC paintworks (producing fewer emissions), you may not be aware that no VOC paint exists.

Though there are some drawbacks to using no-VOC paint, which you should research before committing to using it, you should be aware that there are several advantages to using it in your child’s bedroom.

More VOC in paint leads to health problems in studies, and it stays long even after you’ve finished painting in the room; therefore, it’s best to use non-VOC paint if at all feasible.

This room is essential for your kids; please do not put their overall health at risk – make sure to get the safer option: the no-VOC paint.

3. Don’t Get Too Carried Away in Painting

Painting your child’s bedroom may be a daunting task, especially when you take a glance around the room and realize how much you have to do.

You could think that once you realize this, you’ll try to discover ways to speed up the painting process, such as painting faster, but this would be a mistake.

By doing this, you open yourself to the risk and possibility of painting errors, which you may or may not notice right away after painting.

Nevertheless, this will cause you to revisit your painting project, which doubles your effort and cost.

4. Use Primer

To ensure that your painting endeavor goes as smoothly as possible, you should do all you can to prepare a smooth surface on which to apply the paint.

On this note, nothing prepares a surface for painting better than a primer.

Primer is there to make your surface ideal for painting – it makes sure that your paint will look more vibrant and brighter and that your paint will not seep through the surface (which tends to happen if you paint a surface bare).

More importantly, you will have a more adhesive surface if you apply a layer of primer before applying the first coat of paint, to which you should know the paint will stay durable for a longer time.

5. Allot Enough Time For Your Surface To Dry

Finally, before proceeding to the next phase in your painting process, be sure that the surfaces you are painting or planning to paint are completely dry.

For example, if you clean the walls, it’s conceivable that they’ll still be damp afterward, depending on what you did to clean them, so you should wait for them to dry before proceeding to the next stage in the painting process.

The same thing should be followed after painting the room – you should allow enough time for the surface to dry first before you put any furniture or do any activity in the room.


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