Tips For Choosing A Paint Color For Your Fences in Anchorage, AK

For most painting projects, choosing a paint color that goes well with the surface you’re planning to paint is one of the most important decisions you will have to ponder and think about.

To ensure that you end up with the best possible choice, there are several factors and considerations that could guide you in making your decision.

So, if you are currently looking for tips on deciding on a paint color to use for your upcoming fence painting project, here’s something you should read.

To help you in your decision, here are Tips For Choosing A Paint Color For Your Fences.

1. Consider Natural Lighting

In choosing a paint color for your fences, one of the most important factors that you will need to consider in your decision would be natural lighting.

Since you are going to be painting your fences, which is essentially a huge part of your exterior and thus, will be lit with daylight/natural lighting, you’ll want to take this into consideration as this will have a significant effect as to how your paint color will eventually look.

Natural lighting tends to wash out paint colors, making them look a few shades cooler than they actually are – which then becomes a problem since your paint color won’t look as accurate as how you initially envisioned them to be.

Thus, a quick workaround for this would be to bring home a paint color that is a few shades warmer than what you initially chose, so the outcome on your fences would look similar to your first choice!

You can also check paint samples and put the colors you like side by side with your fences, so you get to have an idea of how it might look there with the natural lighting present.

2. Look At The Colors Present Around Your Exterior

Another important factor to take into consideration in deciding on a paint color to use for your fences would be the colors present around your exterior.

This is crucial because you’ll want to end up with a paint color that goes well with these colors, elements, and/or styles, allowing for an overall cohesive appeal as a result of your painting project.

To do this, you’ll want to take a good look at your exterior and list down all the dominant colors and styles present, so you can use your notes as a reference when shopping for paint.

Additionally, if you are having a hard time deciding which paint color should go best with which, you can also look up color palettes or design inspirations online, or even approach a paint professional to ask for their advice.

3. Be Creative With Your Decisions

Fences are usually painted with a humble color of either black or white, and while they are the usual colors for a reason – because they are simple and they work – this doesn’t mean that your choices are limited to these.

So, in choosing a paint color for your fences, you should not forget to be creative with your decisions!

There are a lot of available colors and shades out there on the paint market, so make sure to check them out, test them, and see which one fits to your liking!

After all, won’t you want a set of fences that stands out and sets a lasting impression upon passersby?

4. Choose A Paint Color You Actually Like

Since you are essentially painting your fences, you’d want to ensure that you end up with a paint color that you actually like.

While yes, following advice and tips from other people may be helpful to an extent, you should not let these external influences completely govern your decision-making; they are called influences for a reason, and should only stay that way.

Additionally, choosing a paint color that you know you actually like saves you from the hassle of possibly changing your mind about the paint color in the middle of your painting project, which then gets you to go back to square one – wasting your initial effort in the process!

5. Test The Paint Color Before Committing

Lastly, when you have a final set of paint colors for your fence painting project, you should test them first before actually committing to your final decision.

This is to ensure that you actually know how your chosen paint color might turn out once painted on your fences, to avoid any misalignment with your vision, and to give you the chance to safely change your mind.

To do this, you’ll want to acquire small amounts of the paint colors you eventually narrowed down to, paint them onto a small portion of your fences, and observe how they look using the factors discussed above.


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