Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Bedroom in Anchorage, AK

Our bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in our homes – it is our personal spaces, where we go to seek refuge, rest, and just be our authentic selves.

So, it is important that we establish comfort in our bedrooms – and one of the best things to achieve that would be to paint your bedroom the right way.

If you’re here because you’re currently planning a bedroom painting project and would like to know some tips to keep while you’re at it, here’s something for you.

Here are Handy Tips To Keep In Mind When Painting Your Bedroom.

1. Choose The Right Paint Color

When you’re painting your bedroom, one of the first things that you should be deciding on is choosing a paint color to use – and there are several factors that you have to consider in doing this.

When you’re choosing a paint color, you should consider the lighting present in your bedroom space – this is because lighting significantly affects the way your coat of paint will eventually look once you’ve finished painting it on your surface.

The same can of paint can look shades darker or lighter, depending on the lighting it is put under, so you should think about this when you’re choosing a paint color.

Additionally, you should also consider the colors present in the space you’re planning to paint, because essentially you’ll want to end up with a paint color that goes well with them.

Ensuring this will also help you establish cohesion and overall aesthetic appeal – plus, it’s just hard to feel comfortable in a bedroom with colors that are mismatched, right?

2. Estimate How Much Paint You Need

In painting your bedroom, it would be much better for you to estimate how much paint you need prior to the project.

This will help you get an idea of how much surface area you’re working with, and how much paint you’ll just need to buy.

It’ll be such a hassle to pause in the middle of your painting project because you’ve suddenly run out of paint, or even find out later on that you have bought way too much paint in the first place, which just wastes your expense and effort.

3. Don’t Forget Your Primer

In any painting project, the usage of primer is always important – and for good reasons.

First off, having a coat of primer on your surface will provide your coat of paint with these benefits: a great surface to adhere to and a better surface coverage, which will then lead to a better, brighter, more vivid paint finish as a result.

Additionally, a coat of primer can also help your coat of paint last longer – some paint problems that arise after a painting project stem from a lack of primer, so if you do not plan on revisiting your bedroom painting project anytime soon, you should remember to add a can or two of primer when you’re shopping for paint materials.

4. Paint From The Top First

After applying a coat of primer on your bedroom surface, you are now ready to apply your first coat of paint – to which, a great tip for this would be to paint from the top first.

Painting from the top first is better because it allows your inevitable paint drips to flow down on surfaces you’ll essentially be painting over later as you make your way down.

In contrast, painting from the bottom first would get your paint drips to drip back down your fresh coat of paint, which is relatively harder and more complicated to fix than the latter.

5. Less is Always Better

Lastly, in painting your bedroom, you should always remember the general rule: less is always better. 

As recommended by professionals, it is better that you keep two or three colors in your bedroom, and anything beyond that number might be excessive or too much.

In the same fashion, you should also remember to not get too carried away in painting your bedroom – brushing too quickly might result to a paint problem you’ll have to deal with later on.


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