My story began when my grandfather started his own business, Ralph’s Paint Shop in the 1955, which was the first Benjamin Moore paint store in Alaska. He later opened Curtis and Campbell in 1966. My father and my uncle took over the business in 1977 and my first job was stocking the shelves. I was hoping to enter the family business, however, due to big box stores moving into Alaska, Curtis and Campbell ended up being sold in 2006 to Spenard Builders Supply. This was a personal loss for me, but the legacy of my grandfather’s store and memories of my family working there provided me with examples of great work ethic, determination, and also resilience.

While I was away at college my brother started Campbell Painting as a part-time business, which I later joined and eventually took over in 2010. Now the business has grown into 3 crews and I am proud to be able to provide year-round employment to my team. The expansion of the company has come with several learning opportunities, and in those moments I am lucky to be able to lean on the wisdom of my parents to whom I owe the expertise that comes from being a third generation in the painting industry.

Campbell Painting has become second in my life as I married my wife in 2014 and we welcomed our first child in 2019. Campbell Painting has become a family business, which is still using quality Benjamin Moore paint. I strive to provide excellent products and service like my grandfather and father before me.


We offer a wide range of residential and commercial painting services including:

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We here at Campbell Painting we are fully licensed and insured so you always have peace of mind. Alaska License # 958994.